Have your dreams put a restraining order on you yet?

I have some questions for you that are proven to get you thinking differently to before.
Take some time, about twenty minutes to write down your answers.

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Okay so… here goes…. One…
Do you have a big dream or dreams?
Is it the same one as last year? Has anything changed to get you nearer to it?
What is stopping you from going after it? Are your reasons REALLY impossible to overcome?
If I offered you a million dollars to get it done in a certain time frame, would that change your perspective, belief, drive or motivation?

Any clearer?

You see, if we don’t have a road map or clear directions, how do we know where we are going?

Your dreams become much clearer once we start to focus on them.
Be brave and bold and courageous.
Start to chase your dreams so much that they try to put a restraining order on you (-:
Take clear and decisive steps.
Ignore negative and small minded people.
Write down your goals and pin them everywhere.
Tell as many people as you can and shout it from the roof tops.
Most of all do something every day, consistently, no matter how small, that brings you a little closer to it. (Decided to do something? How about this?)
And remember, it is just when you are about to give up, it is just then, that your dream is right within your grasp.

Danielle x

Your life coach and Mastermind Coach

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Colouring by numbers….

When I was little, I used to love these magazines where they had a picture and I had to follow the guided number chart to fill it in. It would say…red in number 2 area and so on so forth.
It was easy and helped me formulate the basis of my ‘staying in line’ skills.
But after some time, when I became really good at this,I started to get bored.
No longer did I look at the chart to follow.

I started to make up my own color scheme for the cartoon in front of me.
Then, I started to be really wild and I would cross over the line – on purpose – looking over my shoulder like a naughty pupil (-;

What I learnt then and I still believe to this day, is that sometimes we need a solid grounding, a base from which to start from. Like learning the alphabet. We start with the basics, A-B-C and then progress to CAT, MAT and SAT. We start creating our own phrases and then with taking little risks, slowly but surely we can become more daring and these words can become our own original stories.
If we start off with baby steps, and slowly repeat and repeat, building our confidence and adventurous muscle, then we can grow.

I believe, sometimes ( actually most of the time) crossing over those lines is a good thing, in fact a great thing.
In fact a necessary thing!
For without people who went that little bit over and peered over the edge…. without them,
well… life would be boring, static, all the same.
We would be robotic, like drones, filing to class or to work.

So, I say loudly and with wild abandon to you.

Go peer at what’s out there. Test your boundaries and your comfort zone.
Feel the excitement in a little discomfort and the unfamiliar.
Color over the lines and create your own new boundaries.
Paint your future big and bold and bright and guess what…
you never know what might happen…

To your magnificent creation,
Love Danielle x

Planting the seed for growth…

images (4) Hello world…
This being my very first post,
I thought it relevant to start with why I have created this blog ‘MindArt’. A few years back, my life took a sudden turn down a different path.
At the time I felt that this was the worst, most inconceivable thing that could happen to me, that my life was ‘ruined’, that everything I had done and worked hard to achieve had been for nothing… but I was wrong, very wrong.
You have probably heard some lovely, positive, inspiring quotes, like my favourite one … ‘Without a little rain there would be no rainbow‘.

Well….actually, sometimes, this can feel like a load of rubbish. The kind of phrase one uses to pep themselves up, the kind of patronising clueless jargon that people use to try to make you feel better, the kind of philosophy that works for other people but never for you.
I used to think that. I heard stuff like this time and time again when my life hit rock bottom in 2009. Well meaning people, trying their hardest to cheer me up and help me to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
But it didn’t work. What they said just didn’t seem to sink in or have any uplifting results.
That was then.

Now.. its very different.
What changed?
My mentality. I became aware of my thought patterns and processes.
I took back control and decided to no longer be a victim to my own mind.
Learning this is like an art-form. I am an artist among many other things, and love to paint big, bright bold canvases full of colour and life affirming images. Learning to master your mind is just like that.
You learn the basics, the key principles, and then you can start to play, to visualise and ultimately to create the rest of your wonderful life with it.
Like any art-form it takes passion, dedication, authenticity and congruency.

Ultimately you have to take ownership of your own Mind and mastering it is an on going, enlightening and exciting journey.
Like any true ‘expert’, we know that we are never Masters.
There is always something more to learn.
This is the purpose of this blog.
For me to pass on to you what I have learnt so far, and in so doing continue to always learn more myself.
Thank you in advance for your help and much appreciated feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Danielle x

Your extinct already…

Einstein said that….
‘If the bee disappeared from the surface of the globe,
then man would have only four years left of life.’

 Here’s more on this  http://www.snopes.com/quotes/einstein/bees.asp
 My wonder is….are many of us actually truly ‘living‘ as it is?
Or……..simply surviving.
Fighting a loosing battle and the daily grind to keep us from extinction for another day.
Avoiding the inevitable, that is already happening if we dare look.
Or… maybe… already happened.

I don’t mean to sound glum here! I am simply explaining what I see on a daily basis.
Like drones or something out of a sci-fi movie, we pile into buses and trains or sit bleary eyed staring blankly out over a car steering wheel. We tiredly plod the crowded streets on a mission to our jobs, many of us looking as though we are walking the plank to our watery grave.
 Is that truly living?? 
How many times have you been awakened from your daytime sleep walking by a friend or colleague startling you back to the ‘real’ world? Where were you just before that moment? 
Probably floating off lazily somewhere else, thinking of the past or a possible future.
What if you were present more often?
How would that affect you?
Do it now and see.
Concentrate fully on this moment, reading this. Keeping the focus on NOW, the PRESENT.
How do you feel right now, while you concentrate on YOU.
I am betting you feel MORE ALERT then you did a few seconds ago. MORE AWAKE.

That’s because you are here now, your mind is here, connected with your body, not wandering off somewhere else, leaving your sluggish body to thump around the place on Autopilot, without a real presence in control.
That is living in the present.
That is LIVING (-:

This way us humans will not become extinct before our body’s actually do!
And you never know then what might happen,
with our minds on board the ship, what we are actually capable of….

Enjoy the trip of your life,
Danielle x  
NLP Licensed Master Practitioner and Life Coach.
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Are you toxic?

                                 Are YOU Toxic???

Your ‘Thoughts’ cause your ‘Beliefs’ and your beliefs cause your ‘Actions’

So…..if your unconscious thinks you cannot handle your fears, 
it will then automatically activate the body’s sympathetic nervous system.
How does it “know” you “cannot handle” your fears? 
Well…our thoughts and beliefs are saying so, right?! TOXIC thoughts!
This is a SUPER article on this here…
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Thanks for stopping by and let me know your thoughts (-;
Danielle Serpico
(NLP Master Practitioner)
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How do you know HOW to take the first step?..

Sometimes our goals and aspirations seem so far away and daunting, that we end up never actually getting started. It all just seems too much…too distant…too impossible.

Focusing on your goals, is of course, a very rewarding and pragmatic exercise, as I have said many times. If you don’t know your end destination then how do you plan to get there?

Here is more on this…
For now let’s re-read the previous sentence.
If you don’t know your end destination then…. 
how do you PLAN to get there??

Exactly! – YOU NEED TO PLAN!
And planning can be a lot easier then you think.
Break it into chunks, one step at a time…..
To get to x ….I need to do Y first ….and so on.

I grew up in Rome and as a little girl the Starlings above my head, swooped and swayed in a magnificent wave above my head, as I giggled delightedly at their wonderful performance.

But I never questioned how did they manage to stay so perfectly in sync….. but many scientists did.

They discovered that instead of prior belief that they all interacted with each other, they each actually kept track of only seven of their feathery friends, thus being much easier to keep up with.
They naturally, instinctively knew that a smaller number was easier to manage, taking in the big picture would probably prove a little too overwhelming.

Maybe, we can do the same?

When we are faced with a seemingly impossible task or we want to reach out and grab hold of those dreams, then simply break it down, into small manageable steps, that individually seem more achievable.

Start with those little steps and the magnificence will follow….

Enjoy the flight…..
Danielle x
Your NLP Life Master Practitioner and Mentor.

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What do you do, that your not aware of?

A work colleague once said to me…
‘Danielle, you are your own worst enemy.’

I was completely shocked and genuinely baffled by why she might think that.
Sure….I was what I liked to call ….’polite’, ‘realistic’ and ‘self competitive’ – whatever that meant…?
I dismissed the remark, with my usual apology, for what…I’m not entirely sure, and backed out,
closing the door to the little office, with a guilty demeanor.  
But I had not closed the door to the memory of her flippant, yet well meaning remark. 
The door to my neural pathways had been opened and the wheels churned around in my head,
over and over like rehashed dough in a bocketty old bread mixer.
No one had ever said this to me before. Why would she say such a thing?
My first reaction was one of rising indignation. 
Who did she think she was? Was it not obvious I was just being polite?? 
Was she so perfect, that she thought she could just say something like that to me so bluntly?
And yet……I started to question my flushed emotions. She had triggered a nerve.
Maybe, just maybe she had a point.
I had been in the business of reading people long enough to know there is always some truth in something one takes the time to say. 
I had often had to address issues and habits with people they were unaware they actually had. 
And it always surprised me that they never realized they did these things and often were so utterly shocked, indignant and completely un-receptive to my attempts to convince them otherwise. 
Was I going to be one of them?
Nope. I was good at listening and reading between the lines or straight at them as in this case!
This girl was a very deep thinker, analytical and very smart albeit sometimes maybe a little blunt. 
Although very well meaning she didn’t mince her words,  and so I started to think….
maybe, just maybe she had a point, maybe because…she had simply witnessed it!
I realized then very quickly, (I was very open to change at the time and working enthusiastically on my personal development) that she was completely correct of course.
I started to take note of how often I would…..
criticize myself out loud or internally, 
apologize for something utterly unnecessary,
tut at myself, 
or even simply throw my eyes to heaven.
I became aware of the times I did it. 
I didn’t judge or criticize myself even further for doing it, 
I just simply became aware of it. 
My mind had expanded. New pathways were being opened. 
I was discovering new things FAST!
Shortly after with the help of my newly discovered NLP techniques, I worked on silencing my self-critical inner voice. 
Six months later, people started to say I had changed. 
Something in me was now very different.

I would simply smile. 
Yes, it was.
For my work colleague… Thank you

For more read here..

Danielle Serpico
NLP Life Master Practitioner
‘We have to learn to be our own best friends, 
because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.’ 
Roderick Thorp.
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‘There is no fixed physical reality, 
no single perception of the world, 
just numerous ways of interpreting world views 
as dictated by one’s nervous system 
and the specific environment of our planetary existence.’

Deepak Chopra

Today I am feeling somewhat down.
Time for a big dose of Nlp, positive thinking and a fresh perspective….. (-:

Yesterday, I had a bizarre experience, that clearly emphasized the above quote by Deepak,  
and another one which I am just about to remind you of……… The Map is not the Territory.’
What does this mean exactly? 
Well, it means that what we always perceive or view as the truth, fact or whatever you may call it,
is not always actually the way it is.
What we see is what we see, but not necessarily the reality. 

What I mean is, a map is simply a tool, that may display a territory in a similar structure so that it allows us to traverse the land, but our perception of this map can never equal the territory, but only our version of it, our own internal ‘map’.

Let me elaborate and give you my example, 
without further ado.

Yesterday I had a ridiculous and upsetting rant (through text) with a very good, long time friend.
For some strange reason she got it in her head that I had tried to keep some personal information from her and she was upset. The conversation got progressively worse as I tried to explain I just never thought of it, she suggested I was being secretive and so I retorted she was being paranoid. We both got further upset and it carried on into an irrational, incomprehensible, impossible tit for tat.

I elaborated that it was not a big deal for me, that it had not been something important to tell.
She went on to tell me that I never tell her things until after, re suggesting I was being secretive.
She even said her partner had ‘observed’ this.

Well, after numerous texts, I gave up, thinking we had better sleep on it, before ruining a life time friendship. 
This is the sum of what I think;

* We spoke through texts. That in itself will tell a LOT! Don‘t you think?
In NLP one of the first things we learn is how people communicate and how we evaluate and discern what they are saying to us. 
When we communicate, the actual words that we use make up ONLY about 10% of the process. 
The rest is generally done through physical actions, posture, gesticulations, facial expressions and so forth.
So, the point is…how well could we have actually been communicating??  
On top of that 1st crucial error, we all tend to often follow some other silly ingrained patterns…..

* We see a reflection of our own fears.
The boy who fears dogs might believe that anything that moves is a dog, for a moment or two before he realizes that its something else. This perception error often happens when people interact with each other also. Those who were cheated on  before often analyze and scrutinize peoples words and phrases looking to catch them out and prove their hunch correct. Those who were abused might find it hard to let down their defenses and trust again fearing the same will happen. Those who were abandoned by their parents may feel they are not good enough and that no one will stay with them.
Unfortunately, we constantly look to reinforce our beliefs and justify our fears, unfortunately often to our detriment

  • We all  have different beliefs. Our individual belief system, based on all our history, governs the way we see reality. If, for example, you believe that all people are selfish, then you will interpret their actions in a way that proves this fact true. If you believe that rich people are arrogant then you will always see them that way, not because they are,  but because your perception of reality will be biased towards your beliefs. Beliefs come from past experiences and that’s why the environment the person grows in determines the way he sees the world to a great extent. Something that to me may not seem very relevant or important might be a huge big deal to my friend, based on our corresponding past experiences.
  • We have different identities: I love to listen to Italian music while I paint or write, it inspires me and fills me with passion. But another friend of mine covers her ears and whines, as though I am prodding hot pokers in her ears! I love this type of music because it resonates with my inner world and my past history. It is what I know and what I feel familiar with, and that brings me comfort and pleasure.I can relate to the Italian singer (being half Italian) and it reminds me of my childhood. We all see the world based on our own identities, and as a result one person can find a certain thing beautiful while the other person can find it painful.

So, how do we see reality correctly then?

Whenever you believe that people are not being nice to you or you are having a disagreement,
* Remind yourself that there is a great possibility that one of you are not seeing reality correctly.
more on this here; 
* Look at things through their eyes.
* See it through their perspective.
* Try and relate to their past history so as to get a feel of what angle they are looking at it from.
* Remember this is normal within us all so be forgiving, to both others and yourself.
* Become aware of your own thought patterns and listen to your own internal dialogue.
* Remember…… ‘The map is not the Territory.’ 
Read this article for more on this also,
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But for now I am going to go chat to my friend,
Danielle x 
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What get’s you hopping??

Do you ever feel that life is… 
‘one step forward and two steps back’?

I know I have.
So, what did you do next?
Did you continue or give up? I guess most of us have done both at some time or other.
What made you choose to do so, the times you went forward? Was it a necessity or simply a mindset?

What I mean is…we have all heard the analogy, ‘is the glass half full or half empty’?

Studies show that people that have more success, have so, primarily because of their mind frame.In other words, they look at the world in a positive way, presuming that they will always get where they are going eventually. It’s just about perseverance, determination and an end goal in mind.

I was watching a documentary lately, feeling a little down in the dumps, when I received some much needed inspiration to continue with my goal, from the most unlikely little creatures.
Little creatures that believe in never giving up, that believe every set back just gets you that little bit closer. That instead of looking at it as the ‘glass half empty‘ or ‘one step forward, two steps back‘, they instead see it a different way.
They choose to see it as one step back, two steps forward.
And guess what?…. It works!
They eventually get to their desired destination.
I choose to now believe this also….just like those incredibly spirited Rock-hopper Penguins.

And eventually they do get to the top (-:
Maybe, we all need a little bit of ‘rock-hopper’ inspiration sometimes…..I know I did.
So…..’Hop’ on!
Danielle x

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